Senior Design
Schedule Conflict Policy

While senior design is scheduled to meet four hours per week, we only meet as a group a few times per quarter.

Scheduling conflicts with senior design may be allowed on a case-by-case basis and should overlap senior design by no more than two hours per week. The following policies apply:

  • The only "valid" conflicts are schedule conflicts with other MSOE courses.
  • You may not use senior design as an excuse to not attend your other course(s). That is, you will miss any senior design activities that are scheduled for the hours that conflict with another course. You will not be penalized for missing senior design in this case, but you are responsible for acquiring any missed notes or information.
  • When presentations are scheduled, you must remind your advisor of the conflict, and your team's presentation will not be scheduled during your conflicted times.
  • You must ensure that your conflict is compatible with your teammates. If your teammates have conflicts during your available time, that will make scheduling impossible.
  • If you meet all of the criteria above, here is the process:
    1. Register for all courses except senior design
    2. Send an email request to your senior design advisor. In the email, list the specific nature of the conflict (conflicting course, time of conflict, hours of overlap, notes on compatibility with other members of your team, etc.). Also include the specific section of senior design for which you need to register.
    3. Your advisor will verify and forward the request to the EECS department chair for approval.
    4. The department chair will approve and forward the request to registrar.
    5. The registrar will add senior design to your schedule.

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