Senior Design
Final Report
This document serves as a summary of your senior design experience. It should summarize the scope of your project, highlight critical decisions, provide links to relevant artifacts, reflect on your successes and failures, convince the reader that your team acheived the course outcomes for senior design sequence. The document should stand alone. That is, it should be possible for someone unfamiliar with your project to read just the final report wiki page and understand the project and your team's accomplishments. If the reader is interested in digging into a particular aspect, links should be provided to help guide them. A **separate GitHub repository** should be created to house all of the final project deliverables that are not in the wiki. The final report should summarize many of these and include references when appropriate. The repository should be organized and easy to navigate. The final report itself should be wiki article and contain: 1. Project Information * Project/team name * Team members * Team advisor * Sponsor(s) (if any) 1. Executive summary — two to three paragraphs that: * briefly summarize the project * highlight specific team accomplishments 1. Project summary — This section provides a summary view of key parts of your broader project documentation. It may include screen captures or photos of your product, selected diagrams, and other information from those other documents. The goal is to provide an overall technical summary of the project so that key elements can be understood without having to do an exhaustive study of other project documents. * Plan summary, including: * A list of completed PBI's (separated by sprint) — include a brief summary if the PBI title is not enough to clearly convey what was accomplished * Total time spent for each team member 1. Documentation on how your team addressed the following elements of software engineering in your project (along with links, when appropriate): * Requirements - Definition and analysis including selecting at least one stakeholder. You will need to become familiar with the domain. * Software Architecture and Modeling - It should involve some interesting elements of software system design, including throughtful exploration of the architeture to support iterations. * Design - Strategies employed, such as the use of patterns and allowances for evolution of the product. * Testing - Building it to be testable and testing it. How good is the automation of the testing and was it considered from the beginning? * Tools - Good use of development, testing, and management tools (including Jira). * Experimentation and Prototyping - Applied to unknown technology to improve knowledge and reduce risks. As the architecture is developed and key mechanisms are determined, what risks arise and how will you address them in the development process? * Third Party Components - Demonstrate your skill in discovering and employing third party components. * Documentation * Links to representative samples of: * Notes associated with JIRA tasks * Sprint retrospectives * PBI completion criteria * Meeting minutes * Code reviews * Links to: * Project presentations * Project poster * User-facing documentation (user manual, marketing material, etc.) * Developer-facing documentation (deployment instructions, tutorials, etc.) * Client acceptance report (if applicable) 1. Project postmortem * How does your project use "knowledge and skills acquired in earlier course work" and incorporate "realistic constraints that include most of the following considerations: economic; environmental; sustainability; manufacturability; ethical; health and safety; social; and political"? (These are ABET requirements.) * Compared to your original conception and plan, how did your project change and evolve? * How effective was your planning and management of project risks? * What team work and management issues did you encounter? How did you deal with them? How successful were you in managing them? * Review all of your sprint retrospectives. Was your team able to respond to issues you identified? 1. Student Outcome Summary — Links to the wiki pages describing how each team member achieved the student outcomes assigned over the three quarters of senior design.

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