Senior Design
Growth Plan

The quality of team achievements depends upon the ability of each member to learn and grow personally to meet challenges faced by the team. In this exercise, you will analyze personal growth needs, plans, and/or your growth achievements while working on your project. Through this exercise you will develop your skills for lifelong learning, which are vital for successful professionals. Each team member must complete the following exercise.

Your growth plan should appear as a wiki page in your project wiki. You are encouraged to use the Growth Plan Template when completing this exercise.

Growth Opportunities

The personal abilities listed below are important to both personal development and to project success.

Performing analysis Applying quantitative tools to develop understanding and explore possibilities
Solving problems Producing valid problem solutions that address critical issues and assumptions
Designing to meet needs Creating designs that satisfy needs while complying with important constraints
Conducting research Conducting studies that yield defensible results and answer important questions
Communicating effectively Preparing, delivering, and receiving information for desired impact
Collaborating with others Using a diverse, capable team to achieve collective and individual goals
Leading others Promoting shared vision and empowering to achieve individual and collective goals
Becoming a self-grower Planning, self-assessing, and achieving important personal growth
Becoming a high achiever Demonstrating initiative, focus, and flexibility to deliver quality on time
Becoming a professional Performing with integrity, responsibility and sensitivity to societal issues.

In the tables (provided in the template), enter the three personal abilities of greatest importance to you (Table 1) and your project (Table 2). Using the performance scale defined below, identify (in Table 1 and Table 2) your present levels of performance with regard to each of the personal abilities you selected. You must use the personal abilities categories above and the performance scale defined below.

Losing progress made earlier
Remaining the same without growth
Growing after being prompted by others
Seeing need and achieving growth
Anticipating need; excelling in growth

Growth Focus

You must also identify (from the list presented above) your top priority personal ability being targeted for personal growth as you engage in your senior design project.

Fall Quarter Assignment - Growth Planning

Establish (in 400-500 words) a personal growth plan to advance your performance in the skill area for the top priority you selected above.

  1. Begin by describing your present state and cite evidence from your team project activity that suggests a need for growth.
  2. Next, identify your desired performance level (refer to the scale above), and describe what that would look like within the context of your project.
  3. Finally, identify specific steps you will take to achieve the growth desired.

Spring Quarter Assignment - Growth Achievement

Assess (in 400-500 words) the personal growth plan you have used to advance your performance in the skill area you selected above.

  1. Begin by describing your present state and cite evidence from your team project activity that shows the growth you have achieved.
  2. Next, describe the actions you took as part of your growth plan to reach your present performance level (refer to the scale above). Describe what had the greatest effect on your growth within the context of your project.
  3. Finally, identify how your growth plan should be changed if you were to retrace the steps taken in your project. What would you have done differently to improve the growth you achieved?


Your plan will be graded based on your demonstrated ability to: identify a need, state measurable goals, give evidence of your growth status, and articulate a practical plan for achieving personal growth. The quality of your written communication is important.

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