Senior Design

The preparation of a poster describing your senior design project is one of the requirements in the spring quarter of senior design. Samples of past CE and SE senior design posters are displayed on the 3rd floor of the library building. Samples of past EE senior design posters are displayed on the 3rd floor of the Science Building. Your poster will be placed on display in the library building after you graduate.

The communication focus of a poster is to be strongly visual. Your poster should draw a casual observer's interest. Make it visually appealing. A very busy and/or wordy poster may intimidate your audience. Paragraphs of text should be avoided. Prefer bullet point lists. An observer who may or may not be interested in your project is less likely to mentally commit to reading a long paragraph. Reading one or more bullet points requires less commitment. Looking at pictures typically requires even less. Design your poster in a way that appeals to your audience visually, draws their attention gradually, and, by itself, conveys the essential components of your project.

Content requirements

  • The MSOE logo must appear on your poster ((.png), (.eps))
  • Include your names and majors
  • Include the year
  • Include your advisor's name
  • List any sponsors

Process overview

  • Design the poster using appropriate software (e.g., MS Publisher, Visio, InkScape, etc...)
  • Print the poster using a printer in IT (put PDF on a USB drive for IT)
  • Frame the poster in the EECS Department (deliver printed poster to EECS Tech Support center for framing)

Process details

  • The printed size shall be 36" x 30".
  • Avoid dark, solid backgrounds; they drain ink rapidly and cause the paper to wrinkle.
  • You must present a draft (not printed) of the poster to your advisor for review.
  • The printed poster must be delivered to EECS Tech Support one week prior to the IEEE Student Poster Competition.
  • Posters will be framed and made available prior to the IEEE Student Poster Competition and the morning of the design show.

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