Senior Design

At the beginning of each sprint, the team is responsible for working with the product owner to determine a sprint goal and committing to deliver working software that delivers functionality described in a set of PBIs.

You sprint planning document will likely be quite short. You should use the Sprint Plan for Sprint X template to create a wiki page that includes:

  • Sprint goal - A short description of what the team plans to achieve by the end of the sprint
  • A list of PBIs (links to each PBI) that the team is committing to complete by the end of the sprint. With each PBI you should include:
    • A description of the business value gained by completing the PBI
    • The number of story points associated with the PBI
  • Each committed PBI should be associated with the tasks required to complete the PBI. Characteristics of well chosen tasks include:
    • Is obvious when the task is complete
    • Requires 2 - 5 hours to complete
    • Is not (or only loosely) coupled with other tasks
    • Is the responsibility of only one team member

Once the sprint is completed, a label should be added next to each PBI to indicate whether or not it was completed during the sprint, and a "total number of story points completed" should be added to indicate the velocity of the sprint.

Mountain Goat Software has a nice description of the sprint planning meeting.

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