Senior Design
Status Reports

Weekly Status Report

The goal is to provide a qualitative status update in addition to your quantitative data. Status reports must be placed in the team's Confluence wiki. The status report is due the midnight prior to your scheduled meeting with your advisor.

Report Elements

The report should contain the following items:

  • The sprint goal for the current sprint.
  • Burndown charts (by hours and by PBIs). These should be screenshots that capture the status at the time the report was created.
  • For each team member:
    • Total hours worked during the week
    • A self-determined rating between 0 and 10 of the member's contribution to the project that week (0 - None, 4 - Poor, 7 - Typical, 10 - Excellent)
    • Brief summary of your work week: accomplishments, discoveries, problems, etc... (you may find it useful to copy/paste items from notes made in tasks you worked on)
  • Discussion: Summarize key meetings, findings, successes, and risk updates as it relates to the team.
  • Questions for Advisor (if any)
  • Conclusion: A brief analysis of progress towards the sprint goal. Is the completion of any PBIs at risk? Do any PBIs need to be renegotiated to adjust the scope?

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