Serial Communication

A Dr. Taylor Tutorial


There are many forms of serial communication. For example:


Serial Communications on the ATmega32

The ATmega32 provides the following serial communication options:


The USART is a standardized device that can:

Synchronous Mode

Asynchronous Mode

We'll just look at the asynchronous mode.

USART on ATmega32

We will focus on the USART subsystem.

Asynchronous transmission of data

Serial transmission of one data frame:

Data Frame TTL Signal

Parity Bit

Baud Rate

Register Overview

USART Operation

  1. Initialize the control registers for the desired baud rate and frame format (stop bit(s), parity, data size)
  2. Enable Transmit (TXEN) and Receive (RXEN) via UCSRB
  3. Disable all USART interrupts via UCSRB to avoid conflicts with ATmon

Polled mode can be used to monitor:

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