Git Setup

Signing up for a Git Repository in the Cloud

There are a number of providers that offer Git repositories that can be used to back up your repository and easily share your code with others. Here are a few options:

  • Kiln unlimited free private repositories for teams of 2
  • GitHub five free private repositories for any sized team
  • Bitbucket unlimited free private repositories for teams of five

I've used all of these providers, and they all work well. For my own personal projects, I prefer to use Kiln mainly because Kiln allows non-coursework-related repositories.

Download/Install the Git Client

You'll need to download and install the Git client. That's enough to use git within IntelliJ like I do in my lectures, but you may want to download a Git client that offers a GUI. Here are a few good ones:

Configuring IntelliJ

The following steps will make it possible to easily update your repository directly from IntelliJ.

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