Bootloader Installation Instructions

A Dr. Taylor Tutorial

There are two versions of the bootloader provided in the distribution archive. BootLoader8.hex is designed to work with an 8 MHz clock and BootLoader16.hex is designed to work with a 16 MHz clock. The SunRom development boards have a 16 MHz clock, so we will be using the BootLoader16.hex file.

In order to program the bootloader onto the ATmega32 microcontroller, you will need an USB AVRISP programmer, a 6-to-10 pin adapter and have AVR Studio installed.

  1. Connect the PC to the SunRom board via the AVRISP programmer.
  2. Start AVR Studio and select Cancel on the initial dialog.
  3. Select Program AVR -> Connect from the Tools menu.
  4. Select the AVRISP mkII platform and USB port and select Connect.
  5. On the Fuses tab, select the following options (make sure all others are deselected) and program it:
    • Boot Flash section size = 1024 words
    • Boot reset vector enabled
    • Brown-out detection level at VCC=2.7V; [BODLEVEL=1]
    • Ext. Crystal/Resonator High Freq: Start-up time 16CK + 4ms
  6. On the Program tab, enter D:\Atmel\ATmon\BootLoader16.hex in the Input HEX File field of the Flash section and select Program.
  7. On the LockBits tab, select the following options and program it:
    • Mode 1: No memory lock features enabled
    • Application Protection Mode 1: No lock on SPM and LPM in Application Section
    • Boot Loader Protection Mode 2: SPM prohibited in Boot Loader Section

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